Monday, October 16, 2006

Class #12

5:10 Being shot and receiving a cold blood transfusion? That's the "worst insult."
5:16 Question of the day: How soon can one have sex after heart surgery? A: 3-5 days.
5:20 Professor exits room. Returns. No explanation given.
5:23 Hydraulics!!!
5:32 Does he know what hydraulics are? Unclear.
5:33 Apparently I'm a genius. Hooray... also, ATOMIZATION!!!!
5:49 Phrase "strong ideas and causal dynamics" repeated. Six times. Point and context still hazy.
5:50 Storytime about Professor and his youth.
6:04 Judges don't know shit about anything.
6:08 Professor begins to chew gum, actually becomes more unintelligible than before. Impressive.


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