Monday, October 16, 2006

Class #11

5:15-5:20 Professor contemplates the genius of his friends.
5:32 "That guy" raises cogent point... world stops for a moment.
5:38 "What's this story about?" KEY THEMES!!!
5:40 The Birdcage and public policy!
5:44 "That guy" says something inane. World proceeds as normal.
5:56 You know what's great about Alzheimer's? Meeting new people every day.
6:00 Miranda: career criminal, but all-around nice guy.
6:10 Did we mention that we have a divided government? And that ideas have force? Oh, we did? Oh, well.
6:13 Weak parties and strong ideas. GOOD CHRIST!!!
6:19 Stop talking about hydraulics. Please.


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